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Ashiatsu Class Workshop Training Near You? 

Best Ashiatsu Class Near YouAshiatsu massage classes, workshops, and training courses are popping up all over the country. Part of this is due to the popularity of inventive new ways for doing deep tissue massage using bare feet, instead of just using hands that are prone to repetitive use injury. And the other is due to the splinter groups. This blog is about finding the best Ashiatsu Seminar for you, so hang in there I promise to get to it. But first, let’s clear up some of the who is who out there.


Who Started the Ashiatsu Movement?

It started with Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy as the first group of which I was an instructor for until I wasn’t. After that expensive debacle, I started Barefoot Masters® in 2004. These were the two primary players that dominated the deep tissue barefoot massage industry for a decade. There have been a couple of others who dared to step out on their own, but they either quit or faded into obscurity. The first group just recently imploded into multiple groups. Barefoot Masters® remains steady and constant although we have never claimed to be the original.


So, where do you find the best Ashiatsu Class Workshop Training Near You?

The Best Ashiatsu The Original Ashiatsu The Largest AshiatsuGoogle “Ashiatsu Class Workshop Training near you.” There you will find an array of choices. Yes, more options but perhaps more confusion. With all the current splinter groups scrambling to make a name for themselves it could get worse. But for now, let’s translate the current claims to be the “Original,” the “Best” or the “Largest Provider of Barefoot Massage.” We are guilty of the latter two but for good reasons. Let me help you sift through all the jargon.


Let’s start with “The Original Ashiatsu.”

What does that mean anyway? It could mean someone took ideas and techniques from other cultures, put their spin on it and named him or herself the original. I don’t think that concept is very original. I’m pretty sure there is another word for that; I’m just saying. For nearly 15 years this group’s founder who trained me as an instructor herself has called me a “Knock-Off. Sticks and stones baby.  The Barefoot Masters®  most definitely improved Ashiatsu by adding an anterior routine to complete it. Along with revamping the practice to eliminate weight discrimination. Shortly after,  AOBT added an anterior segment, so who copied who? And as for the weight issue, after recently speaking to one of its members, I’m was shocked that this attitude was still in play.


“Best Ashiatsu.”

What does that mean? To be the best at something requires time experience and lots of practice. The basic foundation of Ashiatsu is pretty much the same, no matter who teaches it. When I first started out as an instructor, I never planned to become a developer of education or go out on my own for that matter. That happened out of circumstance and a love for teaching. Why is that important? When I embarked on this journey, there was no manual with in-depth instructions and pictures to show how to perform Ashiatsu. And then it took years of teaching and traveling to tweak the  instructions so that everyone understood. Teaching isn’t about barking out instructions.  It’s about understanding how we all learn. Maybe I will write a blog about that later.

We were the first to develop the entire bar basic routine for Ashiatsu with detailed instructions and pictures to assist students during and after the course. We presently give you access to both the manual and video in a digital format before you come to class. Nobody but, The Barefoot Masters® does that.

And if that weren’t enough, Ashiatsu Floor was developed to include mobile house call massage therapists.  It seems the splinter groups are now teaching Ashiatsu Floor and also Fijian massage as well.  Fijian deep tissue barefoot massage may be new to them, but Lolita Knight trained me as a trainer well over a decade ago. And we also produced and developed the educational materials for Fijian Barefoot Massage as well. When looking for Ashiatsu class workshop training near you, be sure to ask about their educational materials.

We don’t expect you to come to class, to memorize or to write down everything we orally say. In fact, we strongly suggest that students read over all the materials before and following class completion. After developing the first home study for Ashiatsu massage, I learned a few things which I will get to later.


“Largest Ashiatsu Provider.”

We currently have 26 Barefoot Masters® instructors nationwide. I believe that would make us the largest hand-saving barefoot deep tissue provider in the country. Our primary goal is to keep expanding by adding local Ashiatsu trainers in each state. However, we do not claim to have the largest classes, and most of our instructors don’t require minimums.


Ashiatsu Class CanceledA class of six to eight looks impressive for photo ops, but we would rather not have to cancel a class. Our instructors are trained to teach one, two, three, even and odd numbers of students. We don’t want you to take off work, make travel arrangements for a workshop that then gets canceled because the instructor doesn’t feel it is worth their time.When looking for the best Ashiatsu class workshop training near you, be sure to ask about minimums, so you don’t get burned.


When massage therapists are looking for deep tissue alternatives, they have come to the right place. We have the experience and knowledge to meet your needs. Since The Barefoot Masters® is only focused on hand-saving techniques, our instructors have the option of teaching other classes in unique hand-saving modalities besides Ashiatsu Bar and Ashiatsu Floor Massage, like Fijian Barefoot Massage, Warm Bamboo Massage, Hot Stone Massage and more. All of our instructors have different personalities, and I think some of them are better teachers than even myself. So when searching for Ashiatsu Class Workshop Training Near You, we hope you will consider us first.

We are still looking for massage therapists who want to join our team and become instructors in these exciting modalities. We are now focusing on the East Coast States. If you are a like-minded individual that wants to give back to your local community, has a love for teaching and drama-free, read our qualifications on becoming a Barefoot Masters® instructor.


Michelle D. Mace resides in Naples, FL with her husband and three fur babies. She is the CEO and founder of Barefoot Masters® a company that develops CE (continuing education) for massage therapy. NCBTMB approved provider #402532-0, Florida provider # 50-2045, and Louisiana provider #179. Our programs solely dedicated to the saving of massage therapists hands and body. We believe massage can save the world. So, we save hands so massage therapists can save the world. Check out all of Barefoot Masters® Courses.








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