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Ashiatsu Massage: What is It?  And is if for me? First let’s define it. It is a deep tissue barefoot modality where the therapist uses their feet to massage a client’s body. It’s deep compressive strokes are not

Ashiatsu Massage

Ashiatsu Barefoot Massage

painful, but compressive. After, Ashiatsu massage leaves the client in a euphoric state that lasts for hours. Although it can be applied as light as a Swedish massage, its deep-tissue application is what it is most celebrated for. Now you know what it is, but lets move on to the question of, is it for you?


Is it For You?  

Undoubtedly, you have seen the images of barefoot Ashiatsu and perhaps have viewed  an Ashiatsu Video or two. This is still not going to give you an accurate answer to the most important question. This unique modality needs to be felt. The only way to properly gage its effectiveness is to have a treatment. Only then can you truly be the judge. Be sure to clear your calendar for the day. It’s long-lasting effects will leave you worthless for the rest of the day. Probably the biggest surprise you will encounter, is the inability to tell the difference between the therapists hands and feet. Be prepared to be amazed!


My First Ashiatsu!


My first experience with Ashiatsu Massage, was in a spa in Frisco, Colorado. I was on my honeymoon and I was Jones-ing for a massage. Frisco is small, so everything was within walking distance. I walked into the first spa on the block. After perusing the menu of services, Back-walking caught my eye. Hmm…immediately I was intrigued. Of course the way it was advertized and worded lead me to imagine the worst. There is no actual back-walking done in Ashiatsu. But of course, I was ignorant of that fact and was concerned about her size and weight. I requested to meet the therapist who would be performing the treatment before I would book and appointment.


I know it was lame, but based on the description in the menu of services; it left me no choice but to see her. If someone was going to walk on my back, I didn’t want to leave in a wheel chair. She came out and introduced herself. Whew… she was my size! She happily put my concerns to rest and I made an appointment. It turns out, size and weight do not matter.


Upon entering the treatment room I examined the two overhead bars over the table. They looked safe enough. I was still a little nervous, but my curiosity and her explanation, superseded any ideas of backing out. Even though my practice was mainly deep-tissue massage, I was not a fan of receiving it. And after all I was my honeymoon and did not want to be sore for the next three days, at least not from massage. I determined that I could always stop and get off the table, right?


Well, I didn’t get off the table. It was nothing like I had imagined. Being face down, didn’t allow me to see where she was or how she mounted the table. It felt like hands, so I wasn’t sure when she switched to her feet. She didn’t walk on me at all. The gliding compressive strokes were deep but no painful. The experience was rhapsodic. My perception of deep-tissue massage was completely changed. I had stumbled on to the Mother-lode and my life was about to be monumentally changed forever!



Still Not Sure?Ashiatsu Massage Hands


After you have had the treatment and you are still not sure. Answer these questions: Is deep-tissue massage wearing you out? Are you limited to how many massages you can do in a day, specifically deep-tissue? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then it is for you.


What About Feet?Ashiatsu Massage Feet


What about the feet issue? Do client’s have trouble with the use of feet in their massage? I get asked this in every class. My answer is always the same. I know where your feet have been, but I do not know where your hands have been. Hands by far in comparison to feet are the filthiest due to their access to every touched surface on the planet. Have you ever gotten a cold from someone’s feet? Also the most asked questions  about Ashiatsu Class Training is covered in the previous blog post.


Teaching Ashiatsu:


After teaching Ashiatsu classes for 15 years, I’m still surprised to hear a massage therapist tell me they have not experienced an Ashiatsu. Over the years it has grown in popularity and is still the fastest growing barefoot technique in the massage industry. It should not be difficult to find someone in your area who practices it.



The Beauty of Ashiatsu:


One of the beauties of Ashiatsu, which there are many, is the fact that your last deep-tissue massage is as good as your first. You don’t run out of gas at the end of the day. And all the other techniques that you have learned that were highly effective but would wear out your hands can also be applied with your feet. Yay!


Ashiatsu Bars:Ashiatsu Floor Bars


Well, what about the Bars? We have Ashiatsu bars for overhead and Ashiatsu Portable Floor Bars. Whatever your situation is, we got you covered. Our Overhead Stationary Ashiatsu Bar Schematics, cover 5 different ways they can be installed. We also have the schematics for the Portable Ashiatsu Bars DIY Overhead Bars, as well, but they are a bit more complicated. And now we have the new Ashiatsu Portable Floor Bars that can be used in the office or for Mobile massage house calls. Also, the Floor Bars are excellent for outdoor events.


 Interested in Ashiatsu training? Want to find Ashiatsu Classes Near You? We have a Live Course Calendar. Don’t have time or see a class offered in your area? Online Classes are available 24/7.  

Have any questions about Ashiatsu? Contact me today.


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