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Michelle D. Mace-Lambert a licensed massage therapist in Florida since 1997, is the founder and principal instructor of Barefoot Masters®.

About Barefoot Masters ®: Our company offers live & online (CEU) continuing education training classes for massage therapists in Ashiatsu MassageBar and Floor TherapyFijian Barefoot MassageBamboossage® Warm Bamboo Massage, Bamboo2Go® Chair Massage, Bamboo Facial Massage, Stones2Go® Massage, and 123 Facial Massage for 15 years. All of the courses are dedicated to preserving the hands of the massage therapist. We offer live course training, home study as well as online courses. Our CEU Courses are AMTAABMP and NCBTMB Provider # 403532-0 approved, as well as State of Florida Provider # 50-2045, State of Louisiana LAP #179 and New York #17 approved. She has been published in Massage Magazine for Ashiatsu and Bamboo Massage.

She has traveled to Asia and studied with the master himself, Prahbat Menon from Kerala, India, who has written the only book on the subject of Chavutti Thirummal. She has also studied with Ruthie Hardee from Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy and Lolita Knight of Fijian massage, becoming an instructor for both parties. She left both to develop her own style of barefoot massage and founded the Barefoot Masters®. She started out with barefoot massage techniques and progressed to all hand-saving techniques.

Ashiatsu Bar massage therapy is a luxurious and yummy deep tissue barefoot modality, of which she developed the anterior routine as well as revamping basic Ashiatsu massage posterior routine, so everyone could do the basic one-footed techniques. She has trained therapists in Ashiatsu massage since 2001. After the experience of giving a deep tissue massage with her feet without hurting after the session was amazing. Finally, it was the great reviews given by clients, that made the light go on. Michelle knew that this natural balance of using feet was the answer to most massage therapists, basic issues: to give a deep tissue massage that was relaxing for the client and not injurious to the therapist. She believes that Ashiatsu massage training is going to provide a lasting future for the massage therapists by saving their hands. And about becoming a Barefoot Masters ®.

Michelle has a vision of wanting all therapists to do Ashiatsu, so she further developed the Ashiatsu Floor Massage, suitable for house calls or for therapists who do not want to install overhead bars. However, we now have Portable Ashiatsu Floor Bars too!

The Bamboossage® a warm bamboo massage for table modality was developed to further the goal of saving the massage therapists hands and extend their livelihoods as massage therapists. This technique uses a heated set of bamboo massage and rattan tools. Many of the same bamboo massage sticks are also used in Bamboo2Go® Chair Massage, which is a bamboo modality utilizing a portable massage chair.

Another deep tissue barefoot modality taught by Barefoot Masters® is Fijian Massage, which can be offered in the therapist’s office, taken on house calls or used at outdoor public events. No oils or creams are used in this technique where the client remains fully clothed and prone on floor mats and pillows while the massage therapist administers deep tissue neuromuscular-like strokes.

She also offers a CE training course in Stones2Go®, a hot stone massage therapy that is easy to learn, use for office or mobile massage.

123 Facial Massage is a new addition to our courses. The (CE) continuing education course teaches a new technique to the massaging of the face and using products (if allowed in your state).

Michelle has presented at AMTA in Nashville and has been a presenter at the prestigious FSMTA convention. Having taught all across the United States as well as Canada and Jamaica, she is dedicated to teaching courses that include certification.

Michelle has traveled all over the country conducting Ashiatsu massage training and Warm Bamboo massage for the Ritz Carlton, Hyatt, Grand Marriott, The American Club, as well as the Sans Souci Couples Resort in Jamaica. Saving the hands of massage therapists is her ultimate goal.

The courses offered are (CE)continuing education classes for Massage Therapists who need to save their hands, so they can keep doing what they love forever while adding diversity and income to their menus. All the CE massage classes and online courses come with certification.

Up to now, massage therapy techniques were all about the client but at the expense of the massage therapist. The modalities offered by Barefoot Masters® benefit both client and massage therapist, by building strength and grace in the areas of our bodies that need it the most,  giving a rest to our hands and giving clients the massage they have always wanted.