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About Barefoot Masters ® Instructors. They include:

Samantha Moeller in Wisconsin,

Pamela Hietanen in Ohio,

Andrea Petersen in Ohio,

Jamie Marcotte in Illinois,

Eva Goldyn-Carter in Tennessee,

Ellen Meyer in Iowa,

Jenni Miller in California,

Jennifer Johns in Pennsylvania,

Tania Jesus Florida,

Kay Smith in Michigan,

Abby Parker in Hawaii,

Debbie Florio in Florida,

Kate Saunders in Washington,

Rhonda Douglas in Missouri,

Luciana Comeaux in Louisiana,

Amanda Peoples in Alabama,

Tiffany Diaz-Linam in Arkansas,

Andrea Rivera in Florida,

Penny Mandeville in Colorado,

Afra Kortram in Belgium,

Mary Hobbs in Utah,

Colette Michalec Texas,

Michelle Reed in Texas

Terie Fightmaster in California

Houlian Du in Alabama

The list keeps growing. Want to know more about Barefoot Masters ® contact us.