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What is the difference between this course and the other companies?  The materials from our program were developed to increase the learning outcome and practice of each modality. Courses are available in a live course, online or in a home study format. One of the major differences is you receive all the educational materials for class in advance. We believe in preparation.  Barefoot Masters® has been teaching continuing education for over 15 years. Approved by NCBTMB, ABMP, AMTA, Florida, Lousiana, Tennesse, New York and most states that accept NCBTMB.  Contact us to make sure your state is included. 239-352-8200. Massage has been around long before we were born.  Most modalities are derivitives from other cultures. Comparatively we make no claim to be “The Originals”as that would be arrogant.  However we will say our programs have been developed to allow all therapists to learn, and participate, regardless of height, weight, or other restrictions.  Our program is not centered around the founder.  Nor do we speak ill of others who teach similar modalities. Basic Ashiatsu is basic, no matter who it’s learned from.  Our Bamboo course differs in our tools and it is taught for deep tissue work, but can be done as light as a swedish.
What will I learn and how is certification awarded? All online courses and home studies need to take Test and fill out an evaluation form. With the acceptation of New York who need to fill out a log sheet as well.
For Ashiatsu Bar or Ashiatsu Floor: These courses includes both the anterior and posterior routine. Certification is awarded during the 2 day class. For Bamboossage® Table Massage: One day course includes anterior/posterior and certification is awarded in class.  Bamboo2Go® Chair Massage: One day course includes anterior/posterior and certification is awarded in class. Fijian: One day course includes anterior/posterior and certification is awarded in class. Stones2Go®: One day course includes anterior/posterior and certification is awarded in class.
Will I have to sign a contract to take our courses?  No. If you are being asked to sign a contract, then you need a lawyer. If you need a lawyer to take a class, you should first take a class on how to run!  We do have a license agreement if you decide to become an instructor and use our materials.
Is there a weight height or weight limit? As long as the table can safely hold you and the client, then there is no height or weight limit. The bars are mostly for balance. Advanced work requires more strength to perform but again, if you are strong enough this is not an issue. (If being off the ground is a problem for you then you may opt for learning the Ashiatsu Floor where it is offered.)
Do I need tremendous upper body strength? No, not unless you plan to take advanced work.
Will I be certified after I take the course? Or do I have to come back after I practice so many hours? At this time the 2 day course requires a practical test on last day which is done on an instructor. Upon passing, you will be certified. Unless you are unsafe or unable to perform in class due to pregnancy or other reason,then you will be awarded your Contact Hours.
Have you ever failed anyone? It has not happened as of yet.
What is the difference between Ashiatsu Bar Therapy, Ashiatsu Floor and Fijian Massage? Ashiatsu bar therapy is  done on a table with bars suspended from the ceiling for balance or a set of portable bar system. The client is undressed and lotion is used. This compression work with effluerage. The feet feel like hands and most clients can’t tell the difference. There is always one foot on the table. (Except for advanced work).  Ashiatsu Floor is the same except without the bars. Stools or Floor Bars are used and the client lies on the floor on a mat with pillows and a face cradle. Fijian is a barefoot technique more likened to neuromuscular massage work using the feet to apply detailed movements. The client is fully dressed and lies on a mat or pillows on the floor. The therapist can either apply the technique standing or sitting in a stool.
What makes your stone class different from others? This stone class eliminates time consuming preparation and clean up. It can also be taken out on house calls.
Who recognizes these courses?It is recognized by any state that accepts National NCBTMB CE’s, the State of Florida and Louisiana.
Can the stones be used in conjunction with the Ashiatsu? They can be used with your usual Swedish routine or Ashiatsu Bar Therapy routine.
If I’m traveling on a plane do I need to bring a table or stool? No, just your linens, antibacterial wipes and make sure you have a pedicure with toe nails cut short with no sharp edges.
Do I need to be a Licensed Massage Therapist to learn this? No, not all states have licensure. For further info call: 239-352-8200
Do you accept credit cards for payment? Visa, MasterCard, Amex, Discover and PayPal.
What if I don’t see a class in my area and can’t travel?  We have online and home study courses that come with certification. Or if you have at minimum of 6 people to commit then I will come to you. 1/2 the class fees will need to be paid before instructors airfare is reserved.  Then the rest before the instructor boards plane.
Will you cover installation of bars in class? Yes, the schematics and installation instructions are in the Ashiatsu Bar Therapy digital manual which you receive once the hold fee has been purchased. Time devoted to this subject is included in class tuition.
Do you sell portable bars and can they be used in my office with my existing table? Portable bars schematics are available, so you can make your own. We do not sell the over head bars, but you can purchase the Floor Bars.  Check the website.
Will you teach us how to market this modality? Absolutely! Marketing is explained in class and cover in your manual on how to introduce it to clients. How to advertise. What to charge.
What is the Cancellation Policy for Classes? Half the class fee is required to hold spot. If student cancels then the fee can be applied to another class of same instructor. There is a $50. change fee to switch to another date or fee can be applied to an online course. Classes in Naples are not canceled. Even if there is only one student.  The class is taught as a private. You are free to make flight arrangements as it is highly unlikely. However in the event of an unforeseen circumstance of instructor, then all monies will be refunded.  If there is a hurricane then class will be rescheduled and refunds will be discussed if necessary. If instructor is traveling to a class, check with instructor before reserving a flight, to make sure there is not a possibility of cancellation. Barefoot Masters, Inc. is not responsible for flight reimbursements or hotels.
What is Barefoot Master’s shipping and return policy? All domestic shipments are sent via USPS or UPS and shipping is free unless otherwise stipulated.  International shipments are not free and are handled separately.  Please contact us to discuss shipping rates.  All payments are final, no returns are accepted. Bamboo tool sets can take two weeks for shipping.