Ashiatsu Floor Massage Online Training


Ashiatsu Floor Massage Online Training course is NCBTMB 403532 approved 24 CE hours for massage therapy.  Along with LAP#179, FL#2=50-2045, and NY #17. And soon Mississippi. Also, the therapist uses their feet to administer the deep compressive strokes to the client with their feet.

Ashiatsu Floor massage can be performed in the office or on mobile house calls. Good News, your pedicures are now tax-deductible! Let us introduce you to this fast-growing modality that changes how many deep tissue massages can be performed in a day.



Ashiatsu Floor Massage Online Training course is NCBTMB 403532-00 approved for 24 massage CEs.   Along with LAP179, FL 50-2045, and NY #17. It is a deep tissue massage technique. Also, the therapist uses their feet to administer the deep compressive strokes to the client.

First, deep tissue massage never felt so yummy. Second, the long myofascial strokes are more effective and longer-lasting. This makes it efficient for both client and therapist. Thirdly, the client receives a relaxing deep massage without the residual soreness of traditional massage. And Fourth, it lasts longer than the usual massage.

In addition, the client can not tell if the practitioner is using their feet or hands. Furthermore, the therapist’s last deep tissue massage of the day is as good as the first.  To be clear, this online Ashiatsu training course is the same as we teach in class.

If for any other reason, a Barefoot massage is a way to save your hands. Plus Ashiatsu floor doesn’t require Ashiatsu bars. You can utilize the back of a chair or use a stool. However, we do have Ashiatsu Floor bars available on the website. Currently, we are not manufacturing them.

As a massage therapist, I know the struggle. You want to give your clients what they need. But you trade your well-being to do it. As it is, our industry is plagued with fatigue and or over-use injuries. But because we are healers we often have to choose others over ourselves. So the good news is we don’t need to do that anymore because Ashiatsu Massage is the solution to that problem.

Michelle Mace, CEO of The Barefoot Masters®is a developer of continuing education materials and classes. She offers nine different hand-saving techniques and over a dozen CE classes for massage. As a 20 year veteran of massage, her passion is to create career-saving options for massage therapists. For more info:
Ashiatsu Floor Massage Online Training.




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