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Wonderful personality and ease with modality made it seem possible that a competent Licensed Massage Therapist could master Ashiatsu. Fun to do and learn because of the instructor’s passion and belief in Ashiatsu. I highly recommend to any Licensed Massage Therapist.

-Jessica Robertson, Lantana, Florida

Everything was great! Michelle is a patient instructor and was able to help us find humor in difficult tasks. I would recommend this course to any interested in barefoot massage.

Thank you! I loved learning from you. Excellent setup enjoyed the entire class.

Really loved the class. The info was easy to understand and demoed nicely. I look forward to more classes!

Thank you! I had a great time and feel my money was very well spent. I’m looking forward to taking more classes from Michelle.

Looking Forward to using this therapy in my practice exclusively. Thank you for making this workshop … I was looking for a way to do massage as long as I want and now I can.