If Ashiatsu massage training is the answer, then what is the question? Massage therapists graduate with great expectations. They have made it through the demanding process of anatomy, physiology and hands-on learning. So now they just need to get their hands on clients. However, when that happens, two realities set in. One, they need to know more about the conditions they are addressing and two, their bodies are taking a beating. Most states require continuing education hours for massage, right?   Okay lets look at the massage industries fact sheet that the AMTA released. “The average age of a massage therapist is 45 years of age. “Their average work week is…..drum roll please…..18 massages a week!” Yearly income: 22K. Really, that’s it? Everybody knows, massage has grown at a phenomenal rate over the past 20 years. Massage Envy and the like have sprung up all over. And yet this income is considered poverty level by the U. S. Department of Health and Human services. What!   Then what is the question? There a a megazillion continuing education classes for massage to choose from: Medical, Sports, Stretching, Neuromuscular, Thai massage, etc. Massage therapists take the classes to become more knowledgeable. The clients respond well to this new knowledge are happy. The massage therapist’s practice is thriving. What’s not to love? At this point the therapist is physically suffering from the work they are performing. I hear it time and time again. “I have a great practice, but I need to do less clients or hire another massage therapist. This begs the question, “Why build a successful massage therapy practice for yourself if you are going to give it to someone else?”   Why, Ashiatsu massage training is the answer. The old adage with a little twist, “Massage therapist, heal thyself”, then you can help others. Use your feet to give you that rest. They are bigger, stronger. They have more sensory receptors than the hands do. Apply all that knowledge more efficiently. These are the facts folks. In order to do more than 18 massages a week without hurting yourself and raise yourself out of poverty level income then this is the answer. Which Ashiatsu training is best for you? There is Ashiatsu Bar that uses overhead bars above the massage table which is great for the office or Ashiatsu Floor where your feet stay on the ground and is great for mobile massage calls. Who do I take the training from? There are two major groups that teach Ashiatsu and you will learn the technique well from either group. What is the difference between the two groups? Currently Barefoot Masters® charges $550 to learn the Posterior and Anterior Routine in two days. Each student receives a 60 page manual with detailed pictures and descriptions of all the moves, along with a DVD to use at home. I believe the other group charges close to $1000. dollars to learn the posterior and anterior routine in about 4 days. So what is the major difference? Barefoot Masters® will save you nearly $1000. in time and money. How do we do that? First we charge about $400 less for the course. Second we eliminated a whole day of boring lecture because it’s in the manual. Then we eliminated one more day of practice which you can do at home because you have a manual and DVD to follow along with. So you save an additional two days of taking off work and paying for a hotel stay. Which comes to nearly $1000. in savings. If you want to learn ashiatsu and want to spend your time and money wisely, then Barefoot Masters® is the best choice. You be the judge.   Barefoot Masters® has devoted itself to developing unique modalities to save the hands and body of the massage therapist. Ashiatsu massage is just one of them. We have many.