Bamboo Massage Classes were developed with 4 things in mind:
  1. bamboo massage classesSave the Massage Therapists Hands
  2. Add to the Menu of Services
  3. Give Client a New and Effective Deep Tissue Massage.
  4. Bamboo Massage Certification
“A mind that is stretched by a new experience, never goes back to its old dimensions.” –Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.
Bamboo Massage or our course name Bamboossage® is an exciting way to save the hands of the therapists while providing diversity to their menus. With this new technique you will learn how to utilize these natural elements of nature to provide lasting benefits for you and your clients needs. Repetitive use injuries are now a problem of the past for the massage therapist. The tool set is made of up various lengths and sizes to comfortably fit into the different parts of the body that can be awkward or hard on the thumbs and hands. The tools are easy to control. The warmth of the bamboo massage tools loosens the muscles in advance of lighter or deep tissue massage work. Providing more options on our menus sets us apart from other therapists. The Bamboo massage can be applied on a massage table or at outdoor events using our Bamboo2Go® Chair massage. It’s an attention grabber, which makes it a great marketing tool. If you dislike or find it hard to do chair massage, this will renew your relationship with your chair. You will love how easy it is on your hands and body. Clients receive a new experience. They will be given a therapeutic and spa treatment all in one. Clients can also choose between a Swedish and/or Deep-Tissue pressure massage pressure. The warmth and kneading from the set brings effective relief from pain and leaves them relaxed.   The Barefoot Masters® was the first to develop the educational materials for Bamboo Massage Classes and the Online Trainings. We offer continuing education hours for both courses along with certification. Bamboossage® courses are approved by the National Certification Board of Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork. The home study course is the only certified program of its kind and is very easy. Click Here to Find Bamboo Massage Training Classes Near You.For a brief peek of Bamboossage® Michelle D. Mace is the CEO of The Barefoot Masters®. We only develop continuing education dedicated to saving the hands and body of massage therapists. SaveSave SaveSave
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