For some time now it has been my opinion, that massage therapists could indeed do facials, as long as it was called a “Massage Facial”. And Estheticians could give a massage in a facial. Barefoot Masters® has developed a program on “How to do a Massage Facial” for massage therapists, estheticians or any one who wants to learn how to do a facial and massage together. Massage uses product based lotion or oils, which logically opens the door to using a product based cleanser or derma-foliate, unless exclusions apply. Most schools have a massage and skin care program, so it would be in their best interest for a therapist to take both programs, so no one is encouraged to bypass this practice. There are some limitations. A massage therapist cannot do extractions and an esthetician is limited to the face, maybe hands and feet, depending on the state. But an esthetician massages the face and what difference does it make if a massage therapists uses a cleanser while they are doing a massage on the face? As long as it is kept simple, massage of the face using a basic cleanser should maintain its scope of practice. And massaging product into the face is still in the scope of a facial. This service can be an add-on service for either a massage therapist or an esthetician. I recommend checking your state definition of massage or esthetics to verify if any exclusion applies, as each is different. If you hold a license or certification in both: even better. For someone who just wants to learn how to do a basic facial and massage for fun, this will not certify you or give you a license as an esthetician or as a massage therapist. If you are thinking of a new career, check out your local schools. Let me know what your thoughts are on this in the comment section below.