This weekend I made a house call from a past client. I agreed to go and thought it would be fun to see if I still had it. My husband offered to fold up my massage table and put it in the car. I loaded everything up, popped the directions into my Smartphone that flawlessly directed me to my destination. Fifteen years ago this would have been nice to have. Rolling up to the security gate…. Oh yeah, I had forgotten about this annoying part. They are like TSA agents. I refrained from telling him, it’s been a while since my last massage terrorist attack. Now I was running late and the cars were stacking up behind me. Finally he let me in and pointed out where I needed to go. I pulled up to the 10-story condo and parked. I slid the strap of the massage table bag on my shoulder and lugged it to the entrance where the client was eagerly waiting for me. I didn’t remember it being this heavy. The bag caught on the door throwing me a little off balance as I stumbled into the foyer. They escorted me safely through the wide elevator door. I remembered the days when I dragged this table up and down stairs in the rain. Or when I would get on an elevator with a stranger and they would ask what I was carrying. I would reply, “A giant pizza!” The good old days…. It was a beautiful morning and I set up outside on the lanai overlooking a gorgeous view of mangroves. I watched the boats making their way out to the gulf. The breeze was steady and comfortable and the humidity was low. As I unfolded the massage table, I realized the face cradle pillow was missing. Oh, oh, my husband removed it when he folded up my table. Well the old saying, don’t let them see you sweat, ran through my head and I suggested using hand towels, which I rolled up and curled into a U-shape to make it work. Whew! Oops, I forgot the music, oh well, the sounds of nature will do. The stones in the crock-pot were not hot at all. I quickly switched outlets to heat them up. Reaching in to retrieve them I only burned my hands a little. What else could go wrong? Never ask that. The rest of the service went glitch free. They enjoyed their massage and I was grateful that it was over. I loved doing mobile massage when I was younger, but now that I’m older, I enjoy my office where everything is where it belongs.