What do you think about having to sign a contract to take a continuing education course? Or a provider that threatens to sue you if you consider teaching what you have learned. Yeah, I thought these ridiculous practices were passé. Until recently, a therapist called me up who had taken a bamboo class and was asked to sign one. I’ve taken courses with John Barnes, Benny Vaughn, Aaron Mattes and Judith Delany and never was I asked to sign a contract to attend their classes.


About 14 years ago I took a stone class and was asked to sign one before I arrived to class. I thought it was odd, but I just wanted to learn. That same year I flew to Denver from Florida for a class and I was handed a contract after I had traveled 2000 miles. I was told it was to protect me and if I did not sign it, then my money would be refunded. I didn’t have a lawyer on retainer, nor did I want to get one. It was a little late for me to turn back, so intimidated I signed it. Which is why some providers are apparently still getting away with it. I look back on that now and I realize I should have reported such practices to the Boards where they had provider ship. If the big guys don’t require such nonsense then why should anyone? Later, when I did have an attorney look at it, I was told, most of what was in these contracts was not legal. I felt dumb and taken advantage of. I was shocked to know that this is still happening to unsuspecting massage therapists. Know your rights. Being asked to sign a contract to take a class tells you a lot about the provider. Like for one they do not trust you. Do you trust some one who is wielding possible legal actions against you in advance? Hello, who does this? Perhaps it is time to report them to the National Certification Board of Therapeutic Massage and Body workers or whatever board they provide for.

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