What is the dark side you may ask? Ashiatsu Massage Therapy, although popular, is a growing at a snails pace. Why? Lack of instructors is it’s biggest obstacle due to several reasons. There are only a couple of companies equipped with the experience to produce instructors. And of course if you take a class that requires you to sign a contract agreeing not to teach, well, “Jeepers Mr. Wilson!” No one is going to encourage you to do so. The Ashiatsu Bars themselves were the second reason. Stationary Ashiatsu Bars limited training classes to certain locations. With the advent of the Portable Ashiatsu Bars this hindrance was eliminated, by making the bars mobile. However the shipping and set up of the bars, still remained an issue. This led to the development of Ashiatsu Floor that removed that barrier. I wondered how to encourage more instructors. How do you do this without becoming a franchise, or worse, an illegal franchise? After talking to my attorney at length and expense there was another way. Offer a license agreement to graduates who want to go to the next level. Like most educational institutions, a teacher uses a particular curriculum. They teach using the educational materials but in there own style. Bingo! In an effort to generate more instructors Barefoot Masters® is the only continuing educational massage company that offers a licensing agreement program which allows you to purchase the educational materials to become an instructor. And not just limited to Ashiatsu Bar Therapy, but others like: Ashiatsu Floor if you don’t want to deal with the bars, Bamboo Massage, Fijian Barefoot Massage, Stone Massage and Facial Massage. Want to teach? Check out our program