Love massage? Me too! However, there came a point in my massage career where I wanted to do more. I loved to learn but wanted to give back what I had learned. My creative nature needed to explore more avenues. There were three areas in the massage therapy industry where I was able to facilitate these desires. Become a Teacher at a Local Massage School Become a Continuing Education Provider Join a Massage Therapy Association and Hold an Office Massage schools are always looking for experienced therapists to teach classes. New massage therapists need to hear from experienced therapists. The schools usually offer day and night time positions. If teaching classes does not fit into your schedule, mentoring a new therapist would be just as beneficial. You could also come in and do demonstrations for a class or have a question and answer session with a class that is getting ready to graduate. Once a year, I demonstrate at one of our local massage schools with Q and A after. It’s exciting to see the eager faces of those getting ready to embark on their new careers. Check out your local schools. Becoming Continuing Education provider is a great way to give back. This is a teaching position that permits a lot of flexibility around your practice. It usually provides monetary income that is in line with your weekly income for massage therapy. Massage therapists are required in most states to have continuing education hours to keep up their licensure. Good teachers are always in demand. Become more involved in the massage industry by joining an organization like: National Certification Board of Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork, Associated Bodywork and Massage Professionals, American Massage Therapy Association. In my state we have Florida Massage Therapy Association, where I held an office for a few years. AMTA has chapters in most cities. Take charge and hold a position of office in these organizations. Make a direct impact on the massage industry locally or as a whole.