Become an Ashiatsu Certified Massage Instructor of Barefoot Masters Course in 6 Easy Steps:


Step 1

To qualify to become an Instructor of one of The Barefoot Masters® courses please read all of the following before contacting us.

Become certified in one of the following courses: Ashiatsu Massage Bar or Floor, Bamboossage® Warm Bamboo Massage, Bamboo2Go® Chair Massage, Fijian Barefoot Massage or Stones2Go® Hot Stone Massage through a live course, unless you were trained through another provider then you may be eligible to take an online course.  If you are out of the country, we can make different arrangements so contact us.


Send a log sheet of 20 people you have worked on with their signature and the date of the session given. Send a video of you from your phone going through each move only once. Name the move and explain how it is done out load. It can be uploaded to a Youtube account marked private for giving me access or Google Drive.  Also, check to make sure there is not another Barefoot Masters® instructor teaching the same modality in your area. You should be a least 2 1/2 to 3 hours away.












Step 2

To become an Instructor of:


Host a Class


  • The Barefoot Masters® course of Ashiatsu Massage: Host one class with 3 students in your facility for Ashiatsu Massage Bar (requires overhead bars installed) or Floor Therapy.
  • For Warm Bamboo Massage: host one class of 6 students. It will require two massage tables.
  • Barefoot Masters ® Fijian Barefoot Massage: host 6 students. Fijian massage is done on the floor, so adequate space for two mats with enough room in between to put a chair. 
  • Stone Massage Instructor Training host 6 students. It will require massage tables.  


Michelle Mace LMT or another instructor will travel to your facility for The Barefoot Masters® instructor training. You will be teaching a part of this class. Please send a log sheet of 20 sessions before class. Then schedule a class date along with a non-refundable $500. the fee that can be put toward your license agreement upon passing the instructor portion of the class. You then can submit the license agreement along. All proceeds from the hosted class go to the Instructor Trainer to cover traveling expenses and your training. Once the date for hosting a class is set, we will hold your spot for that area and not consider anyone else for instructor training in that area. *For Ashiatsu: No class will be scheduled until bars are installed.





Step 3

Fill out and send notarized license agreement, certificate, check, and required insurance listing The Barefoot Masters®, Inc. as one of the insured. AMTA (American Massage Therapy Association), ABMP (Associated Bodywork and Massage Professionals), Massage Magazine Insurance Plus, or Hands-On Insurance cover teaching.

The agreement below is to become an instructor of one of The Barefoot Masters® courses: Ashiatsu Bar Therapy Massage.  For all others, we can email a separate license agreement.  The cost is the same and we will email a specified one to you after hosting a class.

Contact us now for more info.

Barefoot Masters® License Agreement Ahh…shiatsu® Bar Massage Therapy


Step 4

Provider Ship: NCBTMB (National Certification Board of Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork). If excepted in your state for CEU’s or for students coming from other states that do, there is an additional $75. fee to come under our umbrella. Call to discuss.


Step 5

Upon receiving instructor materials. Submit 6 class dates for the year, which we will put on the website at no charge. Once you become an Instructor of The Barefoot Masters® course, we will add you to the Barefoot Masters® Instructor Private Facebook group, where you can talk with all the other instructors.


Step 6

Register and purchase class materials for each student via our online system. Submit evaluations filled out by students, a copy of the certificate along with Sign-In Sheet to The  Barefoot Masters®. Evaluations are now done online by students.


Costs, Profits, and Licensing

No other instructor in your area will be trained in the Barefoot Masters® course you teach unless you submit less than 6 classes a year to teach or fail to renew.  You will be added to the Instructors Only FaceBook Page, so you can receive support and updates from me and other instructors.

Teach when and how many times you want to teach and decide what to charge.  There are no percentages paid to Barefoot Masters, Inc. you keep all the money minus the cost of the educational materials. Courses taught to students who do not need CE (Continuing Education) hours are still considered students and paying for their materials is required.

We recommend purchasing our online materials that include both Digital Manual and Video for $35., which is reasonably priced.  However instructors can purchase hard copy materials: $50. for manuals and $30. for DVD.  This does not include shipping costs. You want to teach, then teach. We develop the materials so you can do what you do best and that is to teach!

Our license agreement is like when you went to massage school or college. The school purchases a license agreement to use the educational materials and each student buy their books. The teacher teaches by using the materials, however, they may not copy or change the book due to copyright infringement.

We provide certificate templates and The Barefoot Masters® logos to use for advertisements.

The license agreement for said modality is *$499.99  with $75. for additional ones, and is good for a year with a renewal of $49. for each modality in your renewal year. This renewal date will be set up for automatic payment. If you decide to opt out, just call.

We will add you to the instructor list on our website. You will need to send a head shot, work resume and a copy of your massage license.

Please read: Ashiatsu Massage Classes and Where Can I Get Ashiatsu Training for addional information before contacting us. Hope  this helps you to get started.  Let us know if you have any questions.  Submit a Certificate from either a live course given by The Barefoot Masters® Inc. with log sheet of 12 people who have received a full treatment of the modality. A home study or online course may be available if you have trained under another provider and submit a certificate of proof of a provider we accept. Submit proof of *Insurance that covers you for teaching like: Massage Mag, AMTA, ABMP or Hands On Trade Assoc.Fill out an application for using the Trademarks and Copyrights and pay the *$499.99 fee. And an annual renewal fee of $49. for each license. Additional courses are discounted at $75. per course. Ashiatsu Bar and Ashiatsu Floor are separate courses. There is an additional $75. fee to come under our NCBTMB provider ship every three years. 

Personality needed for teaching classes would include: Being able to follow instructions by reading all the information provided here and in the links provided. Resourceful: The ability to go with the flow when unexpected things come up. Can do Attittude: A positive attitude will project confidence. Leadership qualities: Taking iniatives.

We are currently looking for therapists to Become an Instructor of Barefoot Masters Course in the following states: Alaska, (Alabama-South) Arizona, Delaware,  (Florida-Orlando),   Idaho, Indiana, Kansas, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Mississippi, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina,  North DakotaOregon, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota,  Texas, Washington DC, and West Virginia

*prices are subject to change.


Recommended Things To Have:
  • At least a one room office to teach a class with access to a bathroom
  • A strong table to accomodate students
  • Website or Mobile Website  (Free on WordPress along with tutorials on You Tube)
  • Business Facebook Page (There are tutorials on YouTube)
  • Computer and Printer to give students certificates
  • Cell Phone with texting capabilities, so you can be reached
  • Email Address
  • Instagram Account (Recommended)
  • For Ashiatsu Bar: At least one set of stationary bars installed in the ceiling.
What you will receive:
  • (1) Teaching manual, most with color pictures and detailed instructions
  • (1) Student manual to use in class to follow along with students
  • (1) DVD with audio instructions for instructing
  • (1) DVD with only music to use in class
  • (1) Templates of Routine Outline and certificate templates will be shipped or emailed for use in class along with a Sign-In Sheet.
  • (1) 8 oz tube of Ashiatsu Cream (Bon Vital Original Cream) or Rice Oil for the Bamboossage®
  • Added to Instructors Only Page, for those who come under Barefoot Masters® providership, where you will receive support from other instructors and tutorials in marketing.

Every state has different requirements for its massage therapist.  Some states like Mississippi only except their state provider ship.  Most states accept NCBTMB (National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork) If you need this info, please contact me regarding providing continuing education credits under The Barefoot Masters® Provider Ship.

The cost of a digital manual and video is $35.00 and 8 0z Tube of Ashiatu Cream $10.00 plus shipping of all materials. Bamboossage Tool Sets are 10% off for Instructors and we need 3 weeks heads-up time for ordering and this too will have shipping charges.

You will need to send a list and evaluations of all students that you have certified. For more information: Call Michelle at 239-352-8200 or click below. Thank you for considering to become an instructor of Barefoot Masters Course.