All Of Our Massage Courses Come With Certification So Which Is Better?


Online Classes

Our online classes saves on costs and is environmentally friendly. No paper, no printing; the training is all digitally accessible 24/7.  To improve the learning outcome, students receive their course materials before coming to the classes.

Live Classes

In our live class certifications, an instructor can step in and reassure the students through any tough moments of doubt. Students also receive a massage, so they know what it feels like to be a client. Free massages are not available online or at home.

Home Study

Barefoot Masters Home Study CE Courses have four benefits that live classes do not. There is no time limit; more attention is spent on the details, savings in cost and there is a free Skype consultation.


Live Class vs Home Study vs Online Courses?

It depends on your personality and circumstance. Are you independent and disciplined? Does your schedule, finances or location make it possible to participate in a live course? The home study is convenient and self-paced. And if you are unsure, Skype® is a way to demonstrate what you have learned. However,  live classes are never going to go out of style, and there is an option to do both. It would offer the best of both worlds. Either way, I love teaching massage. Call Barefoot Masters® to discuss your future.