Bamboo2Go Chair Massage Home Study Online


Includes Detailed Manual with pictures, digital manual, and video. This chair massage attracts attention at outdoor events and is fun. The course is an instructive study of bamboo chair massage good for  8 CE’s for FL, TN, AL, and NCBTMB.



Bamboo2Go is a Bamboo Chair Massage Home Study online with 8 CE approved by the NCBTMB. Our course is a routine designed specifically for chair massage. Finally, an easy way to do chair massage without killing yourself. Plus, the client will benefit from the deep-pressure application of the tools. Also, the pieces glide effortlessly over the client’s clothes.

The Bamboo Chair Massage home study online class will feel like a live class. You can watch the video with the audio instructions over and over again until you master each move. But in the comfort of your own home and at a pace that is convenient for you. With the online home study course, you will have two years to complete. Easy step-by-step instructions in our digital color manual. The detailed instructions show you how to protect your hands.

Take the test online to receive certification with immediate access to the downloadable certificate.

Fall back in love with your massage chair and set yourself apart. Read the Benefits of Bamboo Massage.

The Barefoot Masters® develops unique techniques dedicated to saving the hands and body of massage therapists. We were the first company to develop educational materials and live seminars for bamboo massage. We debuted it at the FSMTA convention in 2006 at The Barefoot Masters® booth.

Michelle D. Mace is the CEO and founder of The Barefoot Masters®. She is a developer of continuing education. What does that mean exactly? A provider of CE teaches, a developer writes the book. A developer takes an idea, choreographs a routine that is easy to remember, and then commits the directions to paper in a way that all can understand.

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