Bamboossage Facial Massage Training


Bamboossage Facial is a 12 CE massage course for Florida and Louisiana. However it is an 8 CE course for NCBTMB. If you need these massage CE’s to submit for NCBTMB renewal, please notify us to reissue corrected certificate.


Bamboo Massage Facial Training Online is NCBTMB approved for 8 massage CE and 12 CE’s for Florida and Louisiana. The course design is for Massage Therapists and Estheticians. If you need these massage CE to submit for NCBTMB renewal, please notify us to reissue corrected certificate. The NCBTMB Provider # is 403532, which is most states accept.

The Bamboossage Facial Massage Training course covers History and Benefits. As well as Anatomy, Hands-On Technique, and marketing. After, the course concludes with multiple choice questions and certification.

Also, the hands-on training is a full 30-minute routine that works all the muscles of the face. We recommend our 7-Piece tools set. You can purchase a toolset with the home study or separately in our store. Our unique Bamboossage® toolset fits the contours of the practitioner’s hands.

Additionally, our set is USA handcrafted. And consists of solid materials that last a lifetime. Unlike other toolsets, we heat them in a hot towel cabbie. A heating pad is another way to warm them.

To clean them use antibacterial wipes for the body. Then throw them back into the hot towel cabbie. Easy and ready for the next service.

Purchase the course, and you will receive two emails. Sometimes the email for your Login information goes to Spam. Login into the New System using your email and password. Scroll down until you see the Profile Icon. Click on the name of the course to begin.

Upon completion of the Bamboo Massage Facial Training, click the arrow next to the course name to download the certificate. Also, the course materials are available for two years to review. If you do not see the profile icon and only see other courses, you are not logged in. Check your password to make sure it is correct.

Most states require continuing education hours to renew massage licenses.  Or any organization that provides insurance. Check our State Requirements on our website. AMTA and ABMP approve our courses,  as well as NCBTMB. Our Provider is # 403532-00. Also, New York state approves the course through  #17.

Michelle Mace, CEO of The Barefoot Masters® is a developer of continuing education materials and classes. She offers nine different hand-saving techniques and over a dozen CE classes for massage. As a 20 year veteran of massage, her passion is to create career-saving options for massage therapists. For more info:

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